Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Book List by Author

This is a list of all the books I have reviewed, arranged by author, in alphabetical order. This list will continue to grow as I add more book reviews.

Al-Shaykh, Hanan - The Story of Zahra

Alcock, John Animal Behaviour

Alstrom, Per; Mild, Krister & Zetterstrom, Bill - Pipits & Wagtails

Amis, Martin - London Fields

Anonymous - The Book With No Name

Attenborough, Sir David - Life on Air

Auster, Paul - Mr Vertigo

Baddiel, David - Whatever Love Means

Baron Cohen, Sasha - Borat

Barrows, Sir John - The Eventful History of HMS Bounty

Block, Lawrence - Hit List

Brand, Russell - My Booky Wook

Brown, Dan - Deception Point
Brown, Dan - The Da Vinci Code

Brown, Derren - Tricks of The Mind

Buchan, John - The Three Hostages

Burgess, Anthony - A Clockwork Orange

Burnie, David - Animal - The Definitive Visual Guide

Clements, Rory - Martyr

Collins, Jackie - Married Lovers

Crighton, Michael - Congo
Dahl, Roald - My Uncle Oswald

Darwin, Charles - The Origin of Species

Dumas, Alexandre - The Count of Monte Cristo

Elton, Ben - Chart Throb
Elton, Ben - The First Casualty

Fielding, Henry - Tom Jones

Fitzgerald, F. Scott - The Great Gatsby

Fitzhugh, Bill - The Organ Grinders

Foden, Giles - The Last King of Scotland

Fry, Stephen - Making History

Gordon, Mike - Tracks

Goscinny, Rene & Uderzo, Albert - Asterix and the Laurel Wreath

Goscinny & Tabary - Iznogoud; The Caliph's Vacation

Harrer, Heinrich - Seven Years in Tibet

Hawking, Stephen - A Brief History of Time

Herge - Tintin in The Congo

Hight, Jack - Siege

Hilton, James - Lost Horizon

Hornby, Nick - Slam

Horne, Alex - Birdwatchingwatching

Hugo, Victor - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Jerome, Jerome K. - Three Men in a Boat

Jetlag Travel - Phaic Tan - Sunstroke on a Shoestring

Kane, Dillan - Thoughts, Life of a Suicide

Kroese, Robert - Mercury Falls

Ledgard, J.M. - Giraffe

Locker, Ben : Dornan, William : Owens, Jonathan - Swinesend - Britain's Greatest Public School

Mailer, Norman - The Castle in the Forest

Martel, Yann - The Life of Pi

McCall Smith - The World According to Bertie

McKibben, Bill - The End of Nature

McLean, Lenny & Gerrard, Peter - The Guv'nor

Mills, Linnea - I Spy With My Little Eye

Moore, Tim - French Revolutions

Moss, Stephen - Blokes and Birds

Naipaul, V. S. - Magic Seeds
Naipaul, V. S. - The Mystic Masseur

Narayan, R. K. - Mr Sampath - the printer of Malgudi

Orwell, George - Animal Farm

Page, Jeremy - Salt

Parkin, Gaile - Baking Cakes In Kigali

Patterson, J. M. - The Man Eaters of Tsavo

Phillips, Roger - Wild Food

Pollard, Tony - The Secrets of the Lazarus Club

Preston, Douglas & Spezi, Mario - The Monster of Florence

Ralston, Aron - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Rankin, Ian - Tooth & Nail

Robertson, Gavin - 1000

Rushdie, Salman - Midnight's Children

Sansom, Ian - The Case of the Missing Books
Sansom, Ian - Mr Dixon Disappears

Sayle, Alexei - Barcelona Plates
Sayle, Alexei - Mister Roberts
Sayle, Alexei - Overtaken

Self, Will - The Book of Dave

Sinclair, Upton - The Jungle

Suess, Dr - Green Eggs and Ham
Suess, Dr - The Sneetches
Suess, Dr - Oh The Thinks You Can Think

Svensson, Lars & Grant, Peter J. - Collins Bird Guide

Tan, Amy
 - Saving Fish From Drowning

Thomkins III, Eddie Clay - Mogadishu Diaries, Bloodlines

Torday, Paul
 - Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Tudge, Colin - So Shall We Reap

Uderzo, Albert - Asterix and the Falling Sky

Verne, Jules - Around The World in 80 Days
Verne, Jules - Five Weeks in a Balloon

Voltaire - Candide

Wallington, Mark - Five Hundred Mile Walkies

Wharton, Edith - Ethan Frome

Wheatley, Dennis - The Devil Rides Out

Willocks, Tim - The Religion

Wintle, Justin - Perfect Hostage

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