Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Book Review: Animal Behaviour (7th edition) by John Alcock

Animal Behaviour, by John Alcock, is a superb book taking an evolutionary approach to explain a wide variety of intriguing animal behaviour, making frequent use of interesting and well illustrated case studies in order to clarify complex points. This is essentially a text book but is so well presented in short, digestible sections of information, along with a large amount of pictures, that it is an interesting and engrossing read for anyone with even just a passing interest in this subject.

Such is the depth of coverage of topics such as feeding behaviour, reproductive behaviour and social interaction that this book is essential reading for students of ecology, environment, biology and a whole host of other related subjects and the final chapter upon human behaviour is a fascinating insight into all facets of human life that lends a controversial aspect to this publication.

Visually this is an excellent attempt to bring hard science to a wide audience and interesting photographs, illustrations and graphs are used effectively to dispense information and are superbly positioned to create a welcoming feel to the book, where many other similar text books can appear intimidating.

I would recommend this book to readers interested in any aspect of wildlife and in terms of conservation of animal species, this contains all the information required to understand the courses of action that are often selected in the field.
Score: 10/10

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