Saturday, October 21, 2006

Get Your Book Reviewed

Getting a book reviewed on a variety of media is always an important part of a publicity campaign for a newly published book. Increasingly the internet is vital not only in terms of publicity but also for book sales so that exposure a publication receives on book-focused blogs and websites can be very beneficial.

I will review books that I am sent by both publishing companies and by self-published authors in order to provide some publicity for new publications.

I am a book-lover, someone who enjoys holding a real book in the hand and seeing it on a shelf. I am someone who spends a lot of time working on a computer and although I own a reading device, I have no interest in reading digital versions of books so I will only review books that I receive physical copies of. A bit old-fashioned, I know, but that is the way I like it.

Send me your book for reviewing and I will:
  • Create a promotional blog post on receiving your book.
  • Create a second blog post reviewing your book.
After reading your book I will write an honest review of it. I will avoid being rude about any book I receive this way and will try to focus upon any positive aspects I see in it, but I will also politely talk about anything I don't like about it. Honest reviews but never rude nor scathing.

You can read an example of a review of a book that I was sent by a self-published author which I enjoyed here - The Seven Gifts That Came To Earth by John Mellor

You can read an example of a review of a book that I was sent by a self-published author which I did not rate so highly here - Thoughts, Life of a Suicide by Dillan Kane

Contact me if you would like your book to be reviewed

I cannot accept every book that I am asked to review as I would never be able to read all of them so please contact me, via email, with the details of any book that you would like reviewing. Please let me know the genre and a little about the book then if I think I can review your book properly I will provide an address to which to send it -

Thank you


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