Monday, January 12, 2009

Book Review: Married Lovers by Jackie Collins

Cameron Paradise escapes a violent marriage, but not a cliched name, and heads to Los Angeles where she finds a job in an exclusive fitness club and rubs shoulders with rich, powerful and attractive people. Falling for a rich, married movie mogul there ensues lust, sex and adultery leading to murder.

As with all of Jackie Collins's books one should not expect the literary style of the classics but she makes up for this with a high level of readability, and Married Lovers turns out to be something of a page-turner, perhaps not of plot-driven enthusiasm but for pages packed with smut. In fact it is well known that this author prides herself in giving her readers huge mounds of sex with knobs on, and whilst the story is rather predictable and not particularly memorable, she certainly provides well for her fan base.

Whilst the plot and literary style is perhaps the weakness of this book, the characters are more of a strength with sexy, egotistical and powerful characters pouring out of the pages; something one would expect from a sex-driven novel.

Miss Collins latest bonkbuster is most certainly not the usual genre of book that I would read, however, it is fast-paced and readable and fans of this style of book should enjoy this latest offering although they may not remember it for long . It can`t be denied that Jackie Collins's books are always in the bestseller charts, but not really my cup of tea; more of a glass of wine, sat on a sun lounger, on a beach, somewhere hot, recovering from a hangover.

Not exactly Booker Prize material but as "light relief" this novel may tickle the right parts.

Score: 6/10

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