Saturday, March 10, 2018

Books to be Reviewed: I Spy With My Little Eye by Linnea Mills

Thanks to Linnea Mills for sending me a copy of her book I Spy With My Little Eye for reviewing. This is a non-fiction book which investigates modern life and morality in Britain, indeed, the tagline to the title is "A journey through the moral landscape of Britain".

"Which direction is our society heading in? Does it provide a good enough nurturing ground for the next generation to flourish? Is it time we took a good look at our values and behaviour and changed course? Dr Linnea Mills offers a frank discussion about the prevailing norms and values in today’s Britain, interpreted through the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues. She tackles head-on topics as diverse as celebrity culture, work-life balance, immigration politics and economic divisions. This is a book for anyone with a keen interest in society, philosophy and politics. Get inspired and join the debate."

A review will appear on this website soon. For those who wish to purchase it now it is available here - I Spy With My Little Eye.

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