Thursday, January 3, 2013

Books to be Reviewed: Mogadishu Diaries - Bloodlines by Eddie Clay III

Thanks to Eddie Clay III for sending me a copy of his book Mogadishu Diaries - Bloodlines for reviewing. This is a fictional account of a US soldier's time in Somalia, in the run up to the famous events of "Black Hawk Down", based on real events and experiences.

"Ten months before Blackhawk Down, US Marines launched its first major offensive against Mogadishu's militias. Top US military strategists for Operation Restore Hope recognized the critical importance of identifying Somali clan leaders responsible for the country’s instability and violence. It became apparent that one man needed to be captured in order to help establish order. This warlord eluded the most elite US Special Forces teams in our military for almost a year during Operation Restore Hope/Continued Hope. There are many theories that explain how Mohamed Farrah Aidid won the cat and mouse game. This is my account…"

A review will appear on this website soon. For those who wish to purchase it now it is available for Kindle here - Mogadishu Diaries - Bloodlines, Kindle Edition.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book Review: You're A Bad Man Mr Gum by Andy Stanton

You're a Bad Man Mr Gum is the first outing for Andy Stanton's disgusting character that children will love to hate. Mr Gum is a filthy loner who picks his nose and lives in a horrible house - loathed and feared by children. In this story Mr Gum is forced to keep his garden spotless by a fairy and the plot revolves around his poisoning of a lovely dog, Jake, to prevent him from spoiling his garden. However, Polly comes to the rescue with some magic chocolate and some wonderful friends.

Young children who are discovering their reading skills will enjoy this book as it is full of baddies and goodies that they will get totally involved with. Some parents may deem this book too disgusting for young children, but in reality this is just the sort of naughty fun that kids love and parents should revel at being able to join in when reading this book with their youngsters.