Sunday, November 4, 2012

Books to be Reviewed: The Shining Serpent by M. A Hadi

Thanks to M. A. Hadi for sending me a copy of his novel The Shining Serpent for reviewing. This is the story of a mother searching for her kidnapped child in war torn Iraq with some mysterious assistance.

"Within the chaos of a war-torn Iraq, Sarah tries to live a peaceful life with her young son. But everything changes drastically when her son disappears. Contemplating suicide by day, and seeing strange realms by night, she meets a dark serpent who promises to help her. With new found belief in herself, she sets off in search for her son. But who is this mysterious entity? And will she be able to overcome the hazards that lie ahead?"

A review will appear on this website soon. For those who wish to purchase it now it is available for Kindle here - The Shining Serpent Kindle edition, or the paperback is available on

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